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The Mausoleum 

Called the Saints’ House, it sits far out from a fort in low hills. Generally people avoid it; it is not a place of worship and no one mourns the saints who have passed, given death is necessary for the status of sainthood. However, that does not stop the rumors swirling in the fort: those men and women who do pilgrimage to the mausoleum return with healed wounds and hearts; blessed bones are found just inside, sold for a fortune; a priest wandering the halls who casts out the ruin from a weary traveler’s soul.
All adventurers have pasts in need of atonement, whether for something small or large. As all who follow the saints know, the blood of a martyr is the only true forgiveness in this world. And you have decided to set foot in that mausoleum to seek it.

Here is all you know: a true confession of what you seek atonement for, aloud, is the only way in. You will know when and where.

The Beatified & Damned is a pamphlet-sized module suitable for any RPG where you might be dungeon crawling in a religious area.
Designed originally for Trophy Gold, but stat blocks are included for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, Labyrinth Lord and Mörk Borg.

Trophy™ is a trademark of Hedgemaze Press. The trademark and “Designed for Trophy” Logo are © Hedgemaze Press, and are used with permission.


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