A downloadable incursion

The incursion is currently unfinished, but the new Occupations, Backgrounds and Rituals are available along with the introduction text (more readable below). Please download and check it out! I'll update the finished incursion soon.

day 1 — 

We have made it to the breach, that giant crack nestled into the glacier walls. It is...awe inspiring. Terrifying. I wanted to go back, return home, but...well, the decision has been made. 
There’s nothing for me back there.

day 2 —

We continue to make preparations. It is slow-going and nerve-wracking with the glacier looming above us. It watches us, I feel…no, not really (it has no eyes), but it consumes more of my thoughts as the hours go by.
I wish they would have finished preparations before we’d arrive. 
What have they been doing all this time?

day 5 —

Nearly there, now. We’ve been sequestered in some tents on a floe nearby the glacier. Out from under the breach. There was some commotion in the night and we were hurried out, most of our things brought the next morning. Guards stand outside of our tents, armed and on watch all night.
They’re gone now, in the morning. I can’t tell if it was a bad dream.
No, what I’ve dreamed of…the giants, the faeborn. A chasm? A kaleidoscope of breaches, digging ever deeper —

day 7 —

Finally we are headed in. 
This past week has been...strange. 
To make preparations to cross over, we’ve come back to the crack. There’s a darkness spilled out from it now, which I don’t remember before. The cloudy ice seems muddied by something other than dirt dragged in from far off places, some sort of stain. 
More troubling is this feeling I can’t shake that it was something from within the breach, clawing its way out?
Were we waiting this long for another team? Is that stain on the ground — oh, we’re going in

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