Tell Me How to Quit You

I couldn't get Debt and Metal off my mind! Firstly, I streamlined the text: the zine gets right into character creation, mechanics and gameplay, no fluff! I've also revisited mechanics to tighten up the experience and make sure it's focused on what the game is supposed to be focused on...primarily this means getting rid of debt as a mechanic! Which is...well, a little strange given the title of the game! 

Cred is still there and it is still flying out of your pockets, just proactively rather than keeping up with a debt number - keeping your frame in shape is prioritized and the cost to learn skills and gambits have been increased. Missions have a better process, imo, and the clocks for progress are better integrated.

And you can see the great cover art in this update! Sorry I hid that for so long!! It's sweet!!!


Debt and Metal (US Letter) 946 kB
Jan 07, 2021

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