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I mentioned this on Twitter, but idk just to formalize the process and expand on it a bit:

I’m laying out the single-page, screen version again—a little more thoughtfully and with more space to expand the text, which has always been the goal of the non-zine versions. This will also let me create a “spreads” version a bit more easily. To be honest, I don’t understand the preference for what is essentially a two-page version, but it’s also not actually a hassle to make, zero opinion lol

After that text gets written and layout finalized for the screen versions, I’ll export EPUB and MOBI versions. Those will be based off of the single-page version, so also an easy thing to whip up. I’m saving it for last, though, just so I’m not constantly editing multiple versions (obvious, right, from a workflow perspective). Edits, updates, clarifications, changes, etc., will also flow back to the PIY zine version.

Finally, there is a local risograph printer in my area, so I’m going to convert the single-page version to a riso-printed booklet! The cover image currently is a (fantastic) stock image, but that doesn’t really leverage what’s great about the risograph process, so I plan to commission a special cover for the print run!
As for its availability, I’m not planning on distributing it myself (storing and shipping sounds like a nightmare to me)—there are some really exciting avenues for games popping up recently (I’m thinking specifically of Spear Witch and Cold Hearth Collective), so I’d love to work with them to handle storing and shipping as much as possible and, of course, support that endeavor to diversify the marketplace and break away from more extortionate vendors.


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